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I will never forget the excitement on the faces of the primary school children in a small town called Fomena in the south region of Ghana (Ashanti) who were receiving their very own storybooks for the first time. Giving a child who would otherwise not have the opportunity to run their fingers over the words and pictures of their own storybook left me both speechless and determined to provide more children with this opportunity. 


Nhoma, not only provides resources, but the charity also provides schools with the support and training needed to deliver learning in a child centred manner, focusing on what is unique and special about every child. Nhoma not only delivers the resources but also works with and trains families and schools to bring education to life through the use of donated resources.

We do this, because we believe that education matters and that through education lives can be transformed and communities will flourish. Because of our belief, we as a charity will continue to move towards quality education becoming the right of every child. Therefore, helping to change the reality of access to quality education to not being dependant on wealth, gender, race and geography. Books for Ghana is committed to holding the Ghanaian Government to account and ensuring that access to quality education for all children remains on the political agenda. 


Maybe as a parent you remember reading to your child every night and watching the excitement on their faces as they listened to their favourite story. Or maybe you remember choosing your own pencil case and filling it with your favourite pens, pencils and rubbers, ready for a new school year. It is a disgrace that there are so many children worldwide who will never enjoy such simple pleasures. Join us and help us, as we change this reality one book at a time. 


Our vision is to see an education system that delivers for the next generation. Education that inspires young minds to dream of becoming artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, sociologists, philosophers, social activists, mathematicians, writers, engineers, architects and law makers. Consequently we are working towards equal access to quality education that influences and redefines thought. We are aware that education reform and advancements in education does not end with giving children access to quality books and resources. 

However, we do believe that it can start with giving children the ability to sit, read, play, think, question and imagine how they can shape the world around them.

                                                                                                                 Yours truly, Eunice Asante - Donate today

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