Books for Ghana

Investing in Minds

Inspired Teachers

Empower Dreamers. 

Investing in Minds is a teacher training program for educators in Ghana, we work with schools to provide training to develop educators in child centered teaching methods.

Great Leaders are Readers.

Books for Ghana is an initiative designed to tackle the lack of access to quality books for children in Ghana. Nhoma provides children`s books to schools to inspire the minds of our future leaders. Leaders are Readers Leaders are Readers

As we continue to expand our reach Nhoma is preparing to ship resources to Ghana. We are working hard to coordinate with schools and parents to provide essential tools to aid learning.

Our teacher training workshops have been a great success. We continue our work to invest in educators with knowledge based and inspirational teacher training.


6 years old

Before Nhoma arrived, Augustina at 6 years old struggled to read in English. Because she had little access to quality books in English. Nhoma has provided her school of 250 children with 323 books. Now, Augustina loves to read and her favorite book at the moment is about Dolphins.

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