September 2017 - One Step Closer

We at Nhoma are proud to report that the first ever shipment of books, toys and school supplies is now on its way to Ghana. We have been working hard to get to where we are now and we are one step closer to our goal of getting the donations you have given into good use. We shipped the goods on the 5th of September 2017 and it will take approx. 6 weeks to get to Ghana. When the shipment arrives we will distribute the goods and provide free teacher workshops for the teachers in the schools we are supporting. We will also support parents with workshops related to upbringing.

Nhoma`s accountability initiative

Nhoma is dedicated to transparency and accountability. We have therefore developed a labeling system for all the books we distribute to the schools. Each book is labelled with a unique QR code, and each book can be tracked to our database and vital information can be displayed on any smartphone with a QR reader app. All books will be scanned on a regular basis by our dedicated volunteers to avoid any books from going missing. The labeling system will also allow us to measure the impact the books have on the children's learning. We will gather reports and data related to the usage of the books that can be relayed back to you the donor. This means that you can rest assured that your book donation will go to its intended destination, into the hands of a child. Remember that even if you can`t donate a book we still need your financial support to make this work. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. We could not do this without your support.

The Nhoma team

August 2017 - Our Next Project

I am excited to announce that Nhoma’s next project will be in November 2017. We will be travelling to Ghana to work with schools and parents in Fomena, a small rural community in the south of Ghana (Ashanti).


Nhoma will be delivering more books and resources to local schools (because that’s what we do) and working with teachers around the best ways to incorporate these resources into everyday learning. Nhoma will also be observing and assisting in school lessons and teaching students new educational games to aid learning.


In addition to this, Nhoma will also be running community workshops with a small number of local parents. These workshops will aim to teach parents about play based learning. For example, how to use play and song to encourage language development, build social skills and to help babies and children to problem solve and explore their environment. The aim of theses workshops is to giving local parents the tools needed to support their babies and children to learn even before they start school. We will be teaching parents some much loved children songs (the wheels on the bus) and learning some local songs from parents too.


We look forward to reporting on the success of this next project when we return from Ghana.

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The Nhoma team