Our Mission

Inspired teaching, awe inspired learners.

We believe that education is a key ingredient in enabling children to shape their own lives for the better. That is why we aim to challenge the status quo within education by training educators to inspire entrepreneurship, critical thinking, creativity, ethical behavior and moral thinking.


We at Nhoma believe that great teaching, the right environment for learning and access to resources can shape a child's life and future. We make a difference by providing essential resources, information, tools and training for educators to aid and encourage inspired learning.

Our mission is to partner with educators to challenge the status quo

of standard education.

Education made future proof.

We at Nhoma want to prepare educators to provide 21st century education so children are equipped to face the challenges of an ever changing world. We want to empower children to use their minds, talents and resources to achieve success.

Our mission is to develop the minds of the next generation.