Books for Ghana

Books for Ghana

Because Great Leaders are Readers

Books are an essential resource for any child's learning and development and our Books for Ghana initiative sets out to provide every school that is lacking these fundamental resources with a book for every child. So far we have provided two schools in Ghana with resources they need. We have just started our mission to equip every school in Ghana with these basic but essential resources and to succeed we need your support. By donating to our cause you will help us achieve our mission. Our mission is to reach every child in Ghana. There are 18,643 schools in Ghana and we aim to partner with them all to achieve our goal.

A donation of £40 can pay for a shipment to supply 2 schools with books and resources for the benefit of the children.

Nhoma, meaning a book or a letter in Ghanaian local language started out as an idea derived from first hand experience of life in Ghana. Nhoma`s vision is to transform education in Ghana and the work that has already been done is benefiting many Ghanaian school children. We strongly believe that all children will grow up to be leaders in some way or another, either it be as a parent, CEO of a startup, a role model or the president, It is therefore important they get the knowledge and skills to be great leaders early on. That is why we say that great leaders are readers.

Pictured to the right shows Nhoma representatives handing over books to Abu Bonsra...School. We collect books from the UK and ship them to Ghana to be distributed to schools we partner with.

Why does it matter?

According to research* there is not enough books for every child in Ghana to have one for it self. At many schools we see that up to 3 children have to share 1 text book. This means that many children are left out and do not have access to the school books when they need it. This in turn means that many children are left without a proper education in a an education system that is already below acceptable standards. By providing the schools books and other resources Nhoma is changing the outset of the potential the children can show. 

Why does it matter to you?

in an ever increasing globalisation. the world is ever increasingly connected. Todays children are our future leaders and Nhoma is preparing them to be great leaders that read.

The impact

The Books for Ghana initiative has yealded many positive results. Now all the children can each read a book at the same time. In fact every child has now access to over 300 books to learn from and to be positively inspired by. Nhoma is working with schools to increase the level of reading and writing and having books readily available is essential for us to reach our goal of 100 % literacy in the schools we support.


6 years old

Augustina at 6 years old wants to be a nurse and to learn to speak English. After school she helps her mom with the daily chores. She fetches water from the well, sweeps the front of the house and helps with preparing dinner. Before Nhoma arrived Augustina had little access to quality books in English that she could read. Nhoma has provided her school of 250 children with 323 books. Augustina loves to read, and her favourite book at the moment is about Dolphins.

Donate to support our work.


*Information taken from

 Read about Augustina (6)   and how Nhoma has         benefited her and her school 

Investing in Minds

Inspired teachers, awe inspired learners

Our progress and how you can help us achieve our goals

Our pilot program executed in November 2017 Investing in Minds we at Nhoma taught 24 teachers about different learning styles their students have. The teachers where also trained in how to use and combine the teaching methods in their classroom and how to use the resources they have at their disposal to achieve their targets. We also train the teachers in incorporating play based learning, stimulating creativity, critical thinking in their lesson plans. The feedback from those sessions has given us great insight and has helped us to develop and improve the teacher training for the future. With your financial support Nhoma can continue to develop and provide valuable teacher training and workshops for educators that do not have training material for further development readily available.


A donation of £96 can provide 24 teachers with a folder and teaching materials that covers the training they receive so they can use their knowledge and continue to develop their teaching methods in the classroom.

Why we do what we do

One child missing out on education is one to many. We at Nhoma do what we do because we believe that every child deserves a chance to be motivated and inspired to achieve greatness. Every child needs guidance to make something of themselves and we at Nhoma have made it our mission to facilitate a higher standard of education that is based on child centered teaching. Every child has the potential to reach greatness. To achieve greatness everybody needs a helping hand.


What we do matters

This is why Nhoma partners with educators to provide teacher training and workshops. By developing the mindset and skills of the educators it will raise the educational standard, engage the students and provide better measurable results. Inspired, motivated and skilled teachers will inevitably result in better student participation motivation and understanding of the subjects taught. Nhoma`s mission is to reach all the children in all 18,643 schools in Ghana. To achieve this immense goal it is essential to use the educators that are already in place and teaching. Nhoma`s teacher training and workshops involve training in child centred teaching methods. Every child is unique and the education each child receives has to reflect that fact.

Our Plan

Our vision is to see every child benefit from our work. Our goal is therefore to reach every school and we are starting within Ghana. By working closely with each school on an individual basis and provide extensive teacher training we will be able to change the educational presets every child is set up to receive. While it is crucial to train the teachers that are actually doing the teaching we are also developing a support and training scheme for the headmaster at each school. This scheme will ensure that headmasters are well equipped to manage and keep the high standard of education we expect.


Our plan is to ensure educational standards are raised by a 3 tier approach. We provide books, toys and school supplies that will directly benefit the children, we provide teacher training workshops and support to teachers and we provide support and training scheme for headmasters to better equip them in managing the teachers.

We want every child to enjoy the privilege of having someone guiding and encouraging the use of resources available. Read more about our initiative Books for Ghana here.

After graduation teachers have little to none opportunities to further develop their professional teaching skill and knowledge. Nhoma`s free teacher workshop is therefore unaqvivicly  

To ensure the quality of the teaching is kept at an exceptional level The headmasters role as a manager is immensely important. 


Headmaster training scheme

teacher training workshps

direct to children resources